Hello Sweden:)

Today has been a pretty normal day at school, but we had the cinnamonrolls and chili for lunch and that made my day:) It is the best lunch ever, and you should see those rolls, I promise you that you would get shocked by how big they are. But that is an american thing you know, everything is ten times bigger than in Sweden, hah:)  We luckily had practice as always after school so i don't have to feel too bad for eating that greasy lunch. It was kind of easy today though, since we have a meet tomorrow in Noxon. Otherwise there is nothing new i guess, just finished my algebra assignment (every day i have to struggle with these stupid conic sections... how fun.) took a shower and now the rain is just pouring outside and I'm trying to pick out some nice montana pictures that my music teacher wanted for some consertpapers or something :) I hope you all have a great easter break! (:

Talk to you later! :)
PUSS / Evelina


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